Chemsex Monologues

  • Thurs 24th August // 8pm
  • Venue: The Playhouse, Derry
  • Adm: £10 Concession. £8

The Chemsex Monologues explore the sexual, high world of the chillouts through six different characters. A nameless narrator meets a sexy boy on a Vauxhall night out, who introduces him to G’s pleasures; the poster boy for Room Service gets taken to old Mother Meth’s place by a porn star; Fag hag Cath is finding the chillouts have become more about the sex; Daniel is a sexual health worker who does community outreach in the saunas; and the nameless narrator meets up with his sexy boy again in different circumstances.

Explicit, funny and touching, The Chemsex Monologues display a realm that is sometimes dark, but populated by very real, loveable human beings.

Patrick Cash will be in attendance with the creative team for a Q&A session post performance.

*This event is strictly 16+ due to mature content.*