Pride and the story that inspired it

Thursday 27 August, 6.30pm, Omniplex Cinema, Strand Road, Suggested Donation £5

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 01.04.53Award-winning film by Steven Beresford inspired by the true story of a group of gay and lesbian activists who raised money to support mining communities during the 1984 miners’ strike. Local man Mark Ashton founded Lesbians and Gays support the Miners (LGSM) with Mike Jackson; Mike will attend and speak at this event. He will be joined by miner’s wife, and later MP Siân James, and Micheál Kerrigan, author of the play ‘Pits and Perverts’ which looked at the same subject from an Irish perspective. Chairing the panel will be former MP and well known human rights activist Bernadette Devlin McAliskey.

Pride was an unexpected box office hit that received standing ovations from audiences across Britain and Ireland. This irresistibly uplifting story of building community and friendship in hostile times will make you laugh and cry.

For more information email: Jim Doherty at [email protected]